Sphere3® releases Aperum® Enterprise

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Sphere3® releases Aperum® Enterprise

Kansas City, MO (06.26.2017) – Sphere3® announces the release of the industry’s first Enterprise Patient Experience Record platform driven by nurse call light analytics. Aperum® Enterprise allows Healthcare Delivery Organizations (HDOs) to combine nurse call light data from multiple hospitals, regardless of the brand of nurse call light technology, normalize it, and empower standardization and improvement practice across multiple facilities. It also pulls in patient feedback information to allow hospitals to set meaningful benchmarks for patient experience.

“We provide Health Systems with meaningful information about their patient’s experience. Whereas before we could do that on an individual hospital perspective now we can compare multiple facilities in one easy to use tool. Aperum® Enterprise enables improvement strategies to be centralized and managed more effectively. No longer are hospitals tied to single facility reports.” Says CEO of Sphere3®, Kourtney Govro. “Our passion is improving patient experience and enabling care teams to better serve their patients by revealing information about workload, safety, and satisfaction.”

HDOs have limited ability to analyze their call light data across multiple facilities due to the lack of standardization of technologies, process, and information. This hinders their ability to provide standardized process improvement metrics across multiple facilities. Technology providers rely on their ability to lock in organizations to hardware based platforms to solidify relationships with HDOs. Aperum® Enterprise changes the dynamic by treating patient generated data, regardless of its origination, as data that can be normalized and transformed into patient improvement metrics.

“Our vision for Sphere3 is to provide health systems with new and innovative ways to manage patient communications with their care providers. Aperum® has always been a realtime tool that enables hospitals to manage to the moment – improving patient experience while the patient is still in their care. Enterprise will enable the health systems to utilize nurse call light data on a massive scale – patient behaviors, patient need indication, and patterns can now be analyzed across multiple facilities, states, and regions.”

Sphere3®, a Gartner “Cool Vendor in Healthcare Providers” in 2015, offers Aperum®, a first of its kind patient experience management platform that integrates both the patient’s perception at the point of care and their behaviors in a mobilized analytics platform. Aperum®, which means to reveal, translates patient generated data from nurse call light, patient beds, cardiac monitoring, and sensor/ location technologies into information to empower hospitals to better manage care in real time. It provides insights into caregiver workload management, patient satisfaction, and patient safety indicators.

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