Sphere3® Expands the Blue Pants Program based on Multiple Hospital Success

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Kansas City, KS (January, 2016). Sphere3® announces the success of the Blue Pants Program for 2015. All hospitals using both Aperum® and the Blue Pants Program consistently have experienced positive changes in their patient feedback and leadership rounding outcomes. Sphere3® also announces the newly available certification program and has named key team member, Tanner Cook, as the new Director of the Blue Pants Program.

The Blue Pants Program was developed to create better partnership and deliver measurable outcomes with hospitals using the Aperum® platform. It delivers both adoption services and adaptation advisement throughout the course of the year. Hospitals report that with this partnership they have improved their ability to serve patients and create a positive environment for their care teams.

“Using Aperum® and partnering with the Sphere3® Blue Pants team has had a positive impact on how our team is able to work with patient experience data across the hospital.” Says Sarah Oakley CNO of North Kansas City Hospital “We have been able to realign our workflow to better serve our patients, and manage our clinical team’s workload. We have seen our Patient Satisfaction scores improve.”

Tanner Cook, Director of the Blue Pants Program, was chosen for his prior experience in patient experience and working with hospital staff and leadership to garner positive outcomes. His ability to collaborate with clients has enabled strong rounding techniques, and has enhanced patient communication and more collaborative leadership.

“Our focus is to always provide value in every engagement and the Blue Pants team has been an integral part of delivering on that brand promise.” Said Kristal Rayson, Vice President of Sphere3®. “Tanner has brought a unique view point to the team with his focus on patient satisfaction. We are seeing greater adoption of Aperum® and even better adoption of other integrated technologies such as nurse call.”

Additionally, Sphere3® has successfully launched the Blue Pants Certification Program and has partnered with Communications Specialists, Inc (http://www.csisystems.net/ ) in Virginia for the first certification. CSI has successfully certified an individual and signed their first client for Aperum® and Blue Pants Services.

“At CSI, we are very excited about being Sphere3® Blue Pants certified. This program allows us to provide patient experience insights to the hospital clinical teams we serve.” Stated Ron Pusey, CEO of CSI and Former President of the National Systems Contractors Association (www.NSCA.org). “Using Aperum® and the Blue Pants Program we are able to partner with the hospital’s clinical teams, not only on our core expertise of technology design decisions, but also, to help direct how the technology can be utilized more efficiently and effectively over a period of time assisting them in achieving, maintaining and exceeding their HCAHPS and Quality goals. The ability to apply real time patient data and perception data is not only amazing but, it is tremendously effective in helping produce and maintain predictable goals and outcomes.”

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Sphere3® a Gartner Cool Vendor and recent recipient of the Fierce Healthcare Most Innovative Analytics tool has provided Aperum the industry leading Patient Experience Management platform. Their products and services offer insight into actual patient need requests and caregiver capacity to help hospitals analyze the reliability of systems and better meet patient clinical and service requirements. Aperum® dissects this cascade of data associated request, alarm and alert events integrated within the nurse call data channel. With the use of Aperum®, hospitals can better manage the balance of demand-supply challenges and recurring patterns related to adverse events, using actual caregiver feedback compared to threaded alarm data.

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