Sphere3® Announces the Release of Aperum version 2.1 with Physiological Monitoring

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Kansas City, KS (6.9.2015) – Sphere3® is set to release Aperum® V2.1 which represents a significant advancement in alarm and notification management for patient care teams. Aperum® v2.1 expands the point of care visualization to include physiological monitor data such as telemetry. The use cases for routing and tracking alarms and notifications have been designed with the specific input of the Alarm Management Committee at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City.

The advancement into this area of alarm analytics is significant in patient monitoring and a care team’s ability to meet patient needs. Sphere3® with it’s software, Aperum®, has established itself as a leader in nurse call alarm and notification analytics, making this data available at the point of care. When patient generated data is readily and easily available for nurse managers, there is great opportunity to manage caregiver workload and coach on prioritization behaviors.

To date, Aperum® provides strong clinical value by offering workload management at times when the demands of a unit exceed the ability to respond effectively. Aperum® provides the ability to identify alarm fatigue by aggregating alarms on mobile, point of care devices. Care teams can immediately determine if current assignments and priorities are allowing for acceptable service response times. Measuring team effectiveness in responding to telemetry alarms and notifications, aligns with safety measures in the hospital.

Derek Shroyer, BSN, RN, CCRN, Clinical Informatics and Practice Manager at Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics, has worked closely with the Sphere3® team in developing relevant measures and use cases for telemetry analytics. “We maintain ongoing emphasis on tracking patient safety and satisfaction. Aperum® has provided us with necessary insight into our operations related to nurse call alarms, and we are excited to receive similar value in the analytics Aperum® can offer with physiological alarms and notifications,” says Stroyer.

Kourtney Govro, CEO of Sphere3®, continues to maintain the emphasis for meeting hospital needs with Aperum®. “We know we are working in an emerging space that is being highlighted by regulatory drivers. We believe that if we can simplify interaction with data, it will remove the mystery and make it more meaningful.” When asked how the Sphere3® team keeps the pace, Govro offers, “We believe in the ‘starfish principle’, the work we do may not grab the attention of the major HITs, but the work we do for customers like Children’s Mercy effects their ability to make conscientious decisions and better serve their patients.”

Sphere3®, recently named Gartner “Cool Vendor in Healthcare Providers”, contributes products and services offer insight into actual patient need requests and caregiver capacity to help hospitals analyze the reliability of systems and better meet their needs. Sphere3® products and tools dissect this cascade of data associated with these requests and responses, escalations, and time frames. Over time, the organization can better manage the balance of demand-supply challenges and recurring patterns related to adverse events, using actual caregiver feedback compared to threaded alarm data.

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