Patient Experience Record: Birth of a New Market Space

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In the latest Gartner article, the phrase “Patient Experience Record” (PER) was used to define an emerging market space. The definition of this new market space is varied in the industry as many are still endeavoring to define the phrase Patient Experience. Some see it as a simple look at patient feedback, which is a qualitative understanding of feeling. While it is noble to understand emotion associated with the care – it lacks a robust understanding of “experience”.

Experience is a cross section of satisfaction and quality – it means that the patient emotionally connects with the caregivers while receiving safe and quality care. How then can we build a record that encompasses this understanding?

Our belief is that the emerging Patient Experience Record cannot be a myopic view of the patient – it cannot be solely based on the patient’s feedback and emotion. It must encompass the understanding of care requested and interaction of care providers. It will leverage the valuable data from the Internet of Things (IoT) like Nurse Call Light, RTLS, Cardiac Monitors, and Clinical Collaboration Tools.  This engine will enable predictive understanding of behaviors, and preemptive measures of service recovery.

We believe that this final mile of fully documenting that patient is beyond simply documenting their medical needs it is holistic to include their experiential needs.  It must not be dependent on a specific vendor or type of hardware but be independent to consume data from multiple sources.  We believe that this crucial understanding of patient behaviors – recorded automatically with vendor neutrality is critical to the final mile.

We invite you to download this complimentary Gartner paper that talks about the future of patient communications

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