Nurse Call Reporting vs Analytics Engine

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On occasion we are asked – why can’t my nurse call do this?  Why do I need a separate analytics engine?  Shouldn’t my nurse call platform provide this level of analytics…..well, maybe….but in reality it’s kind of like comparing a tractor to a zero turn mower.  Stop laughing……and I will tell you the story.

When we moved to the country (aka the sticks) my husband wanted a bright green John Deere tractor.  We only have 5 ½ acres so though the large wheeled, full cabin version was attractive – we determined a smaller multi-functional version was more practical.    We bought a brand new tractor that had detachable deck mower tool and we could hook on a brush hog and a front loader.  (I wanted the back hoe attachment but we couldn’t figure out a justification…..)  A tractors job is to be a work horse – brute force, like a farm tank ready to battle the land.

After a summer of mowing with the tractor, we realized that 5.5 hours of rough mowing (bouncy ride), rough cut grass, and yard ruts were not going to cut the muster. So my husband implored me to take a look at a large deck zero turn mower.   (Honestly, the tractor kept bouncing me off the seat and I couldn’t figure out how to start it so it didn’t take much convincing.  I only really liked the tractor for the occasional selfie with my free John Deere Hat so I could appear more rural than I really am.)

So we researched and found a bright red commercial grade Torro mower with a large deck.  Our lawn mowing time was reduced from 5.5 hours to 3 hours.   (Yes, I estimated the ROI of that time savings when analyzing this purchase….I have a spreadsheet for everything)  The yard has those cool crisscross patterns and looks well-manicured.  He tried to do the ditches and got it stuck so we still use the tractor – the brush hog is essential for our ditches and the pond edges.  The tractor drags fallen trees, scoops things, and has purpose.   But the old mower deck doesn’t make it out much.

So what?  If you have read this far you are either a tractor enthusiast or asking yourself “so what”…..  Hospitals need a good solid Nurse Call Light system – it’s a tool, used for a purpose.  It’s as essential as the Brush Hog and the hardware should be dependable (it should run like a Deere).   A Nurse Call converts the actions of hardware in to the data of software, it is an electronics device with a software engine.  It interfaces with multiple technologies like your EMR or RTLS, and must must must create a solid communication path for patients to SPEAK to caregivers.

So are you tired of trying to “Run Reports”?

Sphere3® Aperum®– we are the analytics engine – we are easy to use, process quickly, normalize multiple system data types, convert nurse call data to patient behavioral patterns, and create engagement strategies with your clinical leadership.   We work with you to get real results like reducing call light volumes, reducing emergency calls, and improving your alarm fatigue strategies.

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