Focused Analytics – How does an individual impact the organizations strategic initiatives?

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As many of you know my husband had a heart attack in December. Since then we have had a lot of life style changes focused on better help. After the heart attack we were given a “prescription” for activity to help improve his health – in fact he was prescribed to go to the gym (aka Cardiac Rehab). While he was there he was hooked up to a monitor and they checked his heart rate, blood pressure, etc and managed very closely how he was performing.   Individually – specifically – they managed his individual work towards the overall goal.  They could see how he was changing and improving. We simply loved the Cardiac Rehab team at Research Medical Center.

The on-going prescription – exercise – make sure you exercise – daily do movement. Here’s the deal – the point – the big picture….we had an event which was scary and forced a change. For a period of time, someone else managed the expectation, the progress, and the results while he was in rehab. When we left we were on our own. We had an expectation provided by his Cardiologist but it was our responsibility. The tricky thing was other than manage time – we didn’t have a means to manage the other expectations for intensity, and consistency.

So we got him a VivioSmartHR – he loves it. He checks it all day to see how many steps and manages his activity level on the ap on his phone. This tool allows him to receive FOCUSED ANALYTICS which are personalized to him. They allow him to engage with his stats and ask himself things like: Do I need to walk more? Have I had a workout with the right intensity?

This is why the Sphere3® team is getting ready to launch the MyMetrics Ap. In our current platform the unit manager can see all of the individualized metrics of her team.   The manager can coach and engage with them just like our Cardiac Rehab nurses did. But we need to drive visibility to the person engaging with the patients. Sphere3® will be putting information into the hands of each caregiver on their smart phone.  It will reveal their personal impact on the organizations strategic initiatives. If the team goal is a response time to call light of less than 60 seconds and the individual is well over 60 seconds consistently they know – they can make decisions appropriately.

Hospitals use benchmarks based on best practices and research in hopes to serve patients well. The problem is we don’t tell our employees how they individually play into that metric. At best we may print a report and post it on the wall at the end of the week. Imagine trying to lose weight by only checking in weekly and only seeing it based on a team’s results! It’s time to individualize the metrics in real time and give it to the people who are doing the work.

Thanks again to the great Cardiac Rehab team at Research Medical Center. He is still making great progress!

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