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Sphere3® offers an award winning patient data analytics platform called Aperum®. Aperum® is the only patient experience management platform that integrates both the patient’s perception and behavior based on their nurse call activity. Aperum® provides insights into caregiver workload management, patient satisfaction, and patient safety.

Sphere® was recognized as a Gartner Cool Vendor in 2015. In that same year, Aperum® also received top honors from Fierce Healthcare in the “Data Analytics Tools and Solutions” category, as well as an overall award of “Best in Show: Fiercest Engagement Solution”.

Aperum® has been a key tool in helping our clients achieve the following results:

18% Increase in Patient Experience Domain Scores
24% Reduction Normal Patient Calls
29% Reduction in Emergency Toilet Calls
10% Increase in HCAHPS response to Call Light
A Patient Experience was the catalyst to ignite the fire to impact healthcare in a positive way for our founder Kourtney Govro. In 2009 she was in a hospital with her youngest son who had RSV – he was 6 weeks old. He had vomited so she pressed that big red call bell button for assistance. She waited and started watching the clock – 10 min, 20 min, 30 min passed and no one came to their aide – finally the door opened and a PCT stood there pager in hand. He pointed to my dome light and said he noticed the call light was on and wanted to see if he could help.
Several days after discharge Kourtney reached out to the CIO to share her experience and offer to help find a solution. This launched the consulting practice that helped over 30 hospitals with alarm and alert integration, and lead to the development of Aperum.®.


Quality Measurements


Clinical Care


Patient Satisfaction



  • Aperum® is the bridge that creates the pathway from high level quality goals to tactical activities.
  • Aperum® allows for fall prevention strategy by showing risky patient behavior.
  • Aperum® accelerates the pace of improvement.


  • Aperum® captures the voice of the customer in real-time at the bedside providing caregivers the ability to proactively engage with their patients.
  • Nursing leadership knows there are needs across the house. Aperum® provides leadership indicators of high activity which otherwise might not have been know.
  • Aperum® provides insight into available accurate workload which allows for better staffing models.


  • Aperum® is the enabling technology that converts patient satisfaction goals into actionable information during the patient stay.
  • Aperum® creates the opportunity for the caregivers to influence the patient’s perception of care prior to discharge.
  • Aperum® converts patient satisfaction goals into daily activities.


Is Nurse Call Necessary?

Author: Barry Runyon

As real-time health system solutions continue to assume nurse call responsibilities, healthcare provider CIOs and clinical leadership to should rethink nurse call requirements.

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25 Under 25® Selects Sphere3® for 2017 Class of Honorees

Sphere3® has just been recognized as one of Kansas City’s best small businesses as one of the winners of the 2017 25 Under 25® Awards. Kourtney Govro CEO and founder commented “We are honored to be selected for this award. Our organization grew from an experience in a hospital. We could not have imagined that…


Sphere3® Names Cheryl Rizk, Patient Experience Consultant

Kansas City, KS (10.14.2016) – Sphere3® would like to announce their contract with Cheryl Rizk, MA as a Patient Experience Consultant for our Florida Region. Sphere3® has continued to experience intense growth in the past 12 months with their flagship product Aperum®. The addition of Rizk allows Sphere3® to address the growth demands in the Florida region, and…

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