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Sphere3® a patient experience team that focusing highly on improving quality of care, patient satisfaction and caregiver workload through their care analytics software Aperum®. Sphere3® began in 2009 focused on advising the healthcare industry on solutions for workflow integration. Listening to their customers’ needs, Sphere3® quickly turned their attention towards being the solution for hospitals to improve quality of care, patient satisfaction and caregiver workload through their care analytics software Aperum®. Today, Sphere3® is a leading patient experience expert in the healthcare industry.
• We are enabling caregivers to spend more time at the bedside.
• We are enabling patients, and their families, to feel comforted by faster response times.
• We are assisting hospitals in their initiatives to make safer environments to promote healing.
• We are helping hospitals improve their HCAHPS scores and improve reimbursements.

Noah’s story was the beginning to Sphere3®’s start. Noah, CEO Kourtney Govro’s son, was hospitalized as an infant with respiratory syncytial virus. While recovering from this infection, Noah lay in the hospital having respiratory attacks. In a scary turn of events, one of Noah’s attacks resulted in him vomiting and nearly aspirating. Kourtney promptly pushed her nurse call button to call for help. Thirty minutes passed before a nurse entered Noah’s room only because an oxygen saturation monitor was removed from his toe, which signaled and alarm at the nurse’s station monitor. It was then that Kourtney knew there must be a better way to help caregivers manage workload and call volume. After much research and innovative thinking, Kourtney developed Sphere3® and the first patient engagement analytics tool – Aperum®.


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Patient Satisfaction



  • Aperum® is the bridge that creates the pathway from high level quality goals to tactical activities.
  • Aperum® allows for fall prevention strategy by showing risky patient behavior.
  • Aperum® accelerates the pace of improvement.


  • Aperum® captures the voice of the customer in real-time at the bedside providing caregivers the ability to proactively engage with their patients.
  • Nursing leadership knows there are needs across the house. Aperum® provides leadership indicators of high activity which otherwise might not have been know.
  • Aperum® provides insight into available accurate workload which allows for better staffing models.


  • Aperum® is the enabling technology that converts patient satisfaction goals into actionable information during the patient stay.
  • Aperum® creates the opportunity for the caregivers to influence the patient’s perception of care prior to discharge.
  • Aperum® converts patient satisfaction goals into daily activities.


We maintain ongoing emphasis on tracking patient safety and satisfaction. Aperum® has provided us with necessary insight into our operations related to nurse call alarms, and we are excited to receive similar value in the analytics Aperum® can offer with physiological alarms and notifications.

Derek Shroyer, BSN, RN, CCRN



Sphere3® Names Cheryl Rizk, Patient Experience Consultant

Kansas City, KS (10.14.2016) – Sphere3® would like to announce their contract with Cheryl Rizk, MA as a Patient Experience Consultant for our Florida Region. Sphere3® has continued to experience intense growth in the past 12 months with their flagship product Aperum®. The addition of Rizk allows Sphere3® to address the growth demands in the Florida region, and…


Sphere3® Expands the Blue Pants Program based on Multiple Hospital Success

Kansas City, KS (January, 2016). Sphere3® announces the success of the Blue Pants Program for 2015. All hospitals using both Aperum® and the Blue Pants Program consistently have experienced positive changes in their patient feedback and leadership rounding outcomes. Sphere3® also announces the newly available certification program and has named key team member, Tanner Cook,…

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